Quality Policy

Quality is our strength. We are innovative, flexible and competent. We take the word “delivery reliability” seriously and ensure that every item arrives punctually to our customers. With over 15 years of experience, we are always at your side as a reliable partner. It is essential for us not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

In order to meet all your requirements, in addition to the conventional bolts and hexagon nuts, we also offer a wide range of special shapes such as contact nuts for the electrical industry with corrugations, waffle patterns and / or raised corners and edges or oval nuts and pointed nuts for the most diverse applications. We provide products and services that fully meet the initial and continuing quality needs of our customers and to ensure that delivery meets with the customers’ requirements. To achieve this goal, maintaining the quality of those products and services must be a priority. To achieve our objective our intent must be to continually strive to improve what we do and the way we do it.

The Fundamental Elements of Our Quality Policy are as below:

1. Customer-Defined Quality and Quality Based Product – we are here to meet their expectations and satisfy their needs.
2. Quality assurance is best achieved by preventing problems rather than correcting them after they are detected.
3. The contribution made by each member of staff is vital to maintaining the quality service expected by our customers.
4. Maintaining quality requires continual improvement in processes and development of all staff.
5. Each staff has a commitment to provide a high standard of workmanship to his or her customers and fellow staff’s.
6. Our quality assurance program maintains the highest level of quality and actively contributes towards establishing and achieving the corporate objectives.
7. Our success mantra is: Quality people, quality engineering and quality products.